Fauchery is an art gallery created for collectors.

The art market is constantly evolving through exhibitions, which show creations of artists that develop their universe and constitute their identity. A language of its own.

The French-American Vincent Case-Fauchery collects works by contemporary artists from a very young age. Over the years, he has been passionate about the abundance and richness of the works made by multitudes of artists. He has lived in Europe, the United States and the Dominican Republic, and is aware of the evolution of contemporary art. Now, at the head of an art gallery that he has established in Barcelona – a creative and multiple city – he has the ambition of accompanying collectors in their choice of works of art and artists. Case-Fauchery is interested in the work of international artists created by great collectors.
Thus, he dedicates his first exhibition to the international artist Richard Orlinski, whose vision of the evolution of art he shares without taboos. An intergenerational art.


Case-Fauchery is interested in the creative work of internationally renowned artists.